Goodbye Ashgabat!

Yes, my time in Ashgabat is already over – and who knows if I will ever return to this strange city.
I don’t think I mentioned that the city of Ashgabat was almost totally destroyed in 1948 by a massive earthquake. It was hardly reported at the time due to censorship, but it is said that two thirds of the inhabitants of Ashgabat died, among them the entire family of the former president, Saparmurat Niyazov (which may partially explain some of his behaviour).

There are pictures of Ashgabat in different places of this blog, klick through the pages to get an impression of what the city looks like today.

This is me in front of the UNICEF car which took us to the Airport this morning:

2014-11-15 05.45.58
UNICEF picking us up at 5.45 am to go tho the airport

Let me take you on a last journey through this glittering, shiny and bright “White City” – if you want to see more, go to The Atlantic:

2014-11-15 05.51.40


2014-11-15 05.52.32-2

2014-11-15 05.51.43

2014-11-15 05.55.18-2

And …. the last glance at our hotel from the airplane – looking like a very small and faraway egg!

2014-11-15 08.24.26

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