Kim A. Moser

Is there anything as sweet to remember as a bygone holiday? And I mean really remember, with all its vivid details. The delightful local food you ate, the chilly water embracing your sun-kissed body, heated up by the gentle rays of sunshine. Floating as the waves carry you, far away into the vast ocean. Carried away by the waves of the salty water, which form a smile at the corners of your mouth. That feeling of lightness and sense of pleasure carries you further. Far, far away into the wild, wide, expansive ocean. More water than your eyes can gather, neither your brain can process, nor your lungs can’t fathom the infinity. Way too much, way too big. That feeling of weightlessness is following you into your dreams. You’ll never forget the delicious local food you nourished your belly with and all the sweets that delighted your heart, with your eyes closed and taste buds dancing in delight. The memories of meandering through foreign streets, the scent of freshly washed laundry, drying and flying in the breezy, salty wind underneath the searing heat of the divine sun and still protected by the paradisical trees from the divinity. The laundry is surrounded by pure heavenliness. This feeling stays with you even in your deepest dreams, as you lie in your bed, wrapped in freshly laundered sheets carrying the aroma of the sea of flowers, while you are being carried off into the dreamland of your treasured bygone holiday. Whether it was a holiday from last week, last month, last year, or a lifetime ago. You’ll always hold those memories close to your heart. The bygone time is inconsequential; every bit of those cherished moments will remain etched in your mind forever and you will always remember at least a fragment of your bygone holidays as if you’re reliving them all over again. As if you were forever on holiday.

Kim A. Moser ist Tutorin im Schreibzentrum und Studentin Sekundarstufe

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